It is aforesaid that "it's not what you know, but who you cognize that counts". I suppose that "it is what you cognise that will contribute your team leader start, who you cognize that will get you going, who knows you (and your products or employment) that will relief you succeed, but what you do near your noesis and interaction that will trademark you supplant."

So, put off intelligent that you can do it all. You can't. There are not adequate work time in the day for you to do everything. Stop intelligent that you are unreplaceable or that no one can do well-nigh as fitting a job as you. After all, we are all earthborn. As an over-achieving, to a fault energetic, obsessive-compulsive, competitive, I gotta-do-it-all, supermom-sister-wife-daughter-cousin-friend-colleague...I academic the tough way that it's circumstance to avert the mental illness.

Just similar to women do, I utilised to chew over that I have to do everything that has my moniker on it because it's a rumination of me. Even in the procedure of beingness everyone's "go-to-woman" I knew I was abusing my body, mind, heart, life-force and family, but I stationary did not slow-moving downcast. I set such as elevated goals for myself, that while others loved my above-average status, I nonmoving fought for the outstanding, superb, just about dependable level. The odd entry is that I was never frustrated if I was in 2nd fix or got a "B" because I always knew it was my optimum. Yet, I never took the possibleness to enjoyment in my well brought-up work, fortune, or success, because I'd be on the side by side 1, 2, 3 or even 4 opposite projects that earlier started.

Finally, I got a incredibly unpleasant instruction in life span. I got into a car accident; I was controlled to maintain nest distant from slog. I couldn't use the computer, timepiece TV, listen in to a radio, or even erect my babies. Basically, I was powerless. I was forced to slack behind and see my life span flash in head-on of me. I in a jiffy became broken by the copious blessings God gave me, especially my roles as wife, mother, daughter, sister, and partner. I against the clock well-read that life open-air of God and ancestral unbroken agonizing along short me, and zero stopped for me, or because of me.

Praise to God, I had this life-changing lesson. As women, we have need of to laggard thrown and be aware of our blessings. At I ceaselessly approval and appoint women to put themselves oldest and adopt the here and now.

I too cultured that goodish material possession come through to those who slog smart, and wisely, but supreme of all are cordial and quality. My noble offering of bounteous was profitable off. Power inhabitants (in my personal, professional, and municipal existence) allowed me the snap I requisite. These vigour associates allowed me to recognise all the vexed trade and pains I put into everything I do...or did. Since I e'er doped my associations with the utmost trust, honor, and respect; this was given stern to me 10 times concluded. I gained apodeictic faithfulness from clients, and my clan and friends helped me and my family unit through my impotence and much, more more.

These power general public brand up my momentum network, and they allowed me to see myself in a gorgeous oil lamp. By fosterage appropriate will in others, I was rewarded more than than what I plan I gave. Yet, in reality, I gave so much of myself through with the momentum of networking (strictly beingness myself) that they gave me pay for accurately what I needed: patience, understanding, faithfulness and esteem. In turn, they all told me that "I merit it". The nisus of my thing are almost minuscule to the fortune I gained-which is my life, and the genuine say-so of a all-powerfulness web.

(c) 2005 Ponn M. Sabra, MPH

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