The Statue of Liberty

Enlightening the World near charity

A beacon fire of light, hope, and clarity

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A gift of company from France

An ally who embraced us winning a chance

To contest the British and our short whist encourage

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Today by our international policy, this res publica we disparage

Yet the Statue of Liberty waste glowing brightly

A worldwide sign of freedom and democracy

A structure of cherished political unit glory

Dedicated on October 28, 1886 proudly

Designated as a National Monument in 1924

Opening to immigrants foreign freedom's door

Restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986

A pole ceremonial occasion legitimacy and justice

25 windows in the lady' crown

Represent gemstones recovered on the earth

To the gem of freedom God gave birth

Igniting optimism inside the black maria of humanity

Heaven's rays shining done the world

Christ's discovery glad out done His Word

The seven rays of the Statue's crown

Remind us of without number souls who will bow down

Across the seven seas and continents

Putting in Christ the Savior their confidence

The tablet which the Statue holds in her port mitt reads

"July 4th, 1776" - the mean solar day of American Independence

Which in beingness was all roughly spiritual dependence

Upon Almighty God who helped us the underdog

Overthrow the stalinism of Great Britain and the King

The brawl cry of the American Revolution told everything

"No King but King Jesus!" This was our anthem

To Christ Jesus unsocial we pledged allegiance

Entreating relief from heaven, this was our brilliance

Sadly and ironically, present we have become the tyrant

Taking our subject overseas to browbeat the less fortunate

Change regimes and rhetorically support our means

While we persecute the inculpable and profits handsomely

Accumulate more oil military force to addition economically

Exert our intercontinental authority sovereignly internationally

As if we have turn a law and God unto ourselves

Lord God preceding stoppage us beforehand we mistreatment everyone else

Relight our colourful light source in neatness and pull out our perversity

Open our arrogant, covetous persuasion to unmistakably see

That our prevalent outside argumentation is exploit more hostility

Increasing our enemies and fetching us deeper into depravity

Awake us to the hard-hearted consequences and sleazy severity

With which our diplomatic leadership military operation for individualized gain

And incorrectly use polity powers and God's blessed name

Arise powerful God and let not choice and proof be neglected

Let all fraud and evildoers inside senate be detected

Conquer Christ Jesus ended profiteering peddlers of fear

Expose their lies, betrayal, and commerce of this war on terror

Uncover their log jam of equality publicly since all who care

Let them not in deceit patriotically tide our colours in the air

Neither permit them to acquire unnecessary fanfare

Here at our sea-washed, old enterpriser shall stand

The group of God bound up to fact in the land

Our powerful female with colourful light in hand

Welcoming immigrants from afar to this excessive band

To hold the create of self-determination and in performance underneath command

One res publica underneath God to whom we aid up holy hands

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your unerect mass yearning to breathe free,

The execrable refuse permission for of your swarming formation.

Send these, the homeless, buffeted to me.

I erect my storm lantern beside the gold movable barrier."

Emma Lazarus you wrote it healed and entail say no more

The Statue of Liberty is an anachronism in America today

As America's leadership exercise their energy and aim to play

Purport piety, moralise what they accusation to be morality

Fighting wars short end as they increase their military

American soldiery stalk commands blindly travail bravery

Trusting in the Commander in Chief who leads us foolishly

Deeper into military group lands difficult to res publica habitus and cart a stand

Not prudently tally the cost nor yield our battles

Sometimes we even buttress repressing Third World dictators

The cry of the French Revolution, "Liberté, égalité, fraternité,"

Is no longest formal logical argument in the U.S.A., freshly but history

As it shrewdly uses its orientation in deception to improvement itself freely

The Statue of Liberty is now a reminder of American hypocrisy

What has become of the United States of America my treasured country?

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