I only just had to work on a vastly unsubdivided email supervisor for a shopper. It was critical to wring whichever manuscript from a information and past to introduce thatability file into an email message, which was past laid-off off to a mail schedule.

The woe I had was thatability the paper restrained Markup language tags as well as some other Hypertext mark-up language characters (for example, nbsp;), and I with the sole purpose loved valley workbook in the email.

(Please write down thatability for trumpet blast reasons in this article, I've omitted the stellar punctuation from the Hypertext markup language traits.)

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I was able to use the PHP strip_tags run to uproot the Hypertext mark-up language tags (see to a lower place), but this yet vanished me next to various Hypertext mark-up language characters in the paper.

The use of a well-ordered saying solved the woe.

Here is the bit of written language I utilized to unstained up the list of the variable:

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// Get rid of HTML tags

$contents = strip_tags($contents);

// Get rid of non-breakingability spaces

$pattern = '/nbsp;/';

$replacement = ' ';

$contents = preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $contents);

When I extracted the wisp of set book from the information I placed it in a versatile titled $contents. I past ran the PHP strip_tags manoeuvre on the versatile to get rid of the Markup language tags.

Next we have the bit of written language thatability includes the well-ordered revelation.

$pattern contains the Markup language traits we privation to search for. Here, $pattern contains nbsp;, which is the Hypertext mark-up language traits for a non-breakingability universe. I required to get rid of this and renew it next to a average universe because it looked a bit unusual in the email statement. For example, I needful to change:



'this week's unusual volunteer is...'

$replacement contains a white space, which is what I privation to renew nbsp; next to.

The ultimate vein in the bit of written language is the very well-ordered display.

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